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Transformational Luxury Yoga Retreats

5 days of bliss above the stunning cliffs of Uluwatu, Bali


 6-10 September     |     8-12 November     |     14-18 March     |     1-5 April

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Join us for an exclusive wellness retreat in one of the most spiritual places in the world.  Within only five days your body will feel rejuvenated, your eyes will be brighter and your mind will be clear and you’ll be ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

Our lives are all busy, with demanding jobs, families to nurture and homes to maintain.  It is easy to put your own self last. But you can only give so much before you burn out.  Good news is, you don’t need to wait for this to happen.  Look after yourself today, so you can look at a happier self tomorrow.

Our retreats offer you to escape the daily grind, get in touch with your mind, body and soul and recharge your energy.  Wake up in paradise, and start the day with an intensive yoga practice surrounded by like-minded people, while taking in the magnificent cliff top views over the Indian Ocean.

With the help of daily yoga, meditation and deep relaxation techniques, we will help you discover blockages that keep you from achieving personal goals.  You will learn techniques to get in touch with your spiritual self, and increase feeling of love and being loved.

We partner with Uluwatu Surf Villas, a dedicated yoga retreat facility in on of the most spiritual corners of Bali.

You’ll stay in a private cliff top villa with outdoor bathrooms, a plunge pool, lush gardens and lawns overlooking the vast Indian Ocean on the cliff edge.  Each villa has one double, one twin and one master suite bedroom.  No matter where you are accommodated, you’ll feel special.

Bali is the world’s leading destination for yoga and spiritual retreats.  Stunning scenery paired with the culture of the Balinese sets the mood for enlightenment.  The island sings of love – the love of making an offering of woven palm leaves and beautiful flowers or lighting a stick of incense and by praying a mantra. What a setting to relax and recharge.



Day 1

Upon arrival, check-in and lunch on day one, you will be welcomed by our team at 2pm.  Morgan will explain exactly what to expect, you will set your intention (your Sankalpa) for the duration of the retreat and we’ll kick off with a short meditation to tune in to the program.

You’ll have time to unpack and relax before your first Restorative Yoga practice.  Dinner will be served at 7pm and followed by an evening meditation that may just send you to sleep or at least get you ready for complete relaxation.

Days 2 to 4

The schedule on days two to four will be fairly similar.  Waking to a gorgeous sunrise over the infinity pool and cliff edge of villa Santai Sorga, your cleansing ritual will be refreshing, fun and ignite your digestive system.  Morning yoga and meditation practice begins at 6.30am and lasts for an hour and a half.  A beautiful cleansing breakfast awaits you followed by sunbathing, beach walking and taking time out for whatever puts you in a relaxed state.

Lunch is served buffet style at 12.30pm before we meet back at the yoga space for a midday meditation session and to learn about detoxing our minds and bodies (what we call Dharma talk).  The afternoon will be spent poolside with a cold-pressed cleansing juice, in the spa receiving a relaxing massage or at the beach snorkeling, whatever your body craves right now.

At 5.30pm we all meet for a gentle hour of sunset restorative yoga and then indulge in a three-course gourmet vegan dinner and the best Balinese ginger tea before retiring for some ‘me time’.

Day 5

On the last day, we start packing after breakfast, check out and close off the program with a farewell ceremony for a 11am departure.  If your flight leaves late, we can keep your luggage at reception and you are welcome to use the Semara facilities for the day.

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We carefully select a menu that is delicious and complements what we teach.  Our gourmet vegan cuisine will assist the transformation process and help you feel fabulous.  You’ll be surprised how delectable plan-based food can be!

If you’ve never tried going meat-free for five days, here’s your chance.  Our guests tell us they never felt hungry or lacking protein in their diet during the retreat.  In reverse, they feel lighter, food moves easier through their digestive system and skin and eyes get clearer.

Our menu is also free from refined sugar, processed food, stimulants like caffeine and alcohol, dairy and hydrogenated oils.  All meals have been designed to support the cleanse and help eliminate the built-up of toxins most of us have in us.

In today’s society we need to learn to rid ourselves from distractions while taking in our daily nutrition to be fully aware of what we’re consuming.  Eating can in fact stimulate all our five senses if we let it do so and hence become a delightful activity.  That is why we believe visual presentation of our meals is just as important as taste and smell, so you can expect a feast for the senses at breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Luxury Retreats Bali packages include the following.  For cost structure, please contact us directly.  Twin share $1799, single $2199.

  • Return airport transfers
  • 5 days / 4 nights accommodation
  • Gourmet cleansing meals including a la carte breakfast, buffet lunch, afternoon juice or coconut, three-course dinner
  • Comprehensive Ayurvedic detox program for 5 days
  • Invigorating morning & restorative afternoon yoga
  • Daily meditation & relaxation technique
  • 3 hours luscious spa treatments
  • Organic spa products gift pack

Flights not included.

Spaces are limited, so please go to Request a Booking to secure your spot now.




“Serenity found. This retreat has been a truly blissful experience.  An incredible mix of yoga, meditation and pampering spa treatments leaving you asking:  ‘when can I do this again? I deserve it.’ :-)  Morgan’s yoga isa  truly uplifting and energising experience.  Thank you Nadine and Morgan, it’s been a beautiful 5 days.”  Kirsty Silbert, South Coogee, NSW.

“This retreat is not just about yoga, it’s about how to live your life in a busy world.  It teaches you how to stay grounded and how to keep being well, so simple.  But the best part of it is that this retreat is great for men as well as for women.  I will definitely talk about it and would love to make it back again.  Thank you so much Morgan and Nadine.  Happiness.”  Jason Lonergan, Paddington, QLD.

“The Semara Resort is impeccably designed with breathtaking views and pleasant staff – perfect for a yoga and detox retreat. The food was delicious, nutritious and filling.  I enjoyed every bit of yoga, meditation and the spa treatments. Morgan is an amazing yoga teacher and really knowledgable, I could listen to her for hours.  I had an amazing experience on this retreat and am certain it will not disappoint others.  I feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated and am excited to take my new knowledge home with me. Thank you Nadine and Morgan for putting together such a beautiful and organised retreat. Namaste.”  Rebekah Snadden, Forrestfield, WA.

“Very well organised.  Communication in the lead-up was great, with plenty of information email and fast responses.  The venue was beautiful, nice and quiet, and in a perfect location looking over the ocean. The spa treatments each day were just amazing and helped the body unwind.  My favourite parts were the relaxing meditation, early morning and evening yoga and the raw organic meals, that were well-prepared with new combinations of flavours and textures. Recipes please!  I will definitely be recommending this retreat to many friends/family and can’t wait to book again.”  Karissa Wills, Gisborne, VIC.

“Thank you lovely Nadine and Morgan. This retreat has been a beautiful, organic experience, the cleanse, unwind and refresh that I was looking for and needed.  Bliss :-)  Al the best and luck with the retreat adventure, I’m sure you’ll see me again :-P  Big love x”  Jodie Bean, Central Coast, NSW.

“I loved everything – the beautiful setting, the food, the yoga.”  Aoife Sheridan, Darwin, NT.

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