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AYJ030_023 “Posed for Success” – Body language can effect the way others see you – and how you see yourself. ~by Morgan Webert October 2013

prana vayus “The Winds Within” – Learn to activate the five prana vayus and awaken the life forces within you. ~by Morgan Webert April 2013

om opener “Facing the Unknown” – Exploring back bends with Morgan Webert April 2013


Elephant Journal


How to Set a Yogic New Years Resolution from the Heart ~ by Morgan Webert Jan 2014

10 Tips to Temper the Holiday’s Temptations ~ by Morgan Webert Dec 2013

How Scientists and Sages See the Same Inner Peace Circuitry ~ by Morgan Webert June 2013

Do You Know What Stillness Means ~ by Morgan Webert April 2013

One thought on “In the Media

  1. Hi Morgan!

    First of all – I LOVE your blog. Awesome tutorials, beautiful photos and articles that I just can’t stop sharing. Great work! The post about cleaning your kitchen – I just had that same experience a few months back. I really felt like there was a huge connection between the state of my kitchen and the rest of my life. Time to scrub those shelves!

    I’m Ally. A yoga-practicing social media gal who, when not on my mat, is working with Yarnee, a mobile app that makes it easy to package together related content into shareable collections. You can see the overview of what it’s all about here:

    We’ve launched our iOS app with little to no marketing just to get some initial feedback. Already we’re finding that people in the sports/fitness/wellness world are taking to it really well and find it useful for easily creating tutorials and showcases for their respective passions.

    I’m keen to introduce the yoga world to Yarnee as I feel that it really is an ideal, mobile way of capturing and sharing all things Yoga whether it’s tutorials, lifestyle stuff or just cool lists of beautiful yoga content.

    Here’s how I’ve been using Yarnee for my personal practice (please don’t judge me on my inversion).

    Other people are finding it really useful for everything from lists of their favorite cheeses to capturing family events and trips. You can see all sorts of examples in our app which is available here:

    I would be so grateful if you would take a look at the app. If you see in it what I see in it for photo & video-taking yogis, then a mention of Yarnee on your blog would be absolutely wonderful.

    Thanks and namaste!

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