The Yoga Transformation

A 10 Week Yoga Lifestyle Course 

Aug. 11 – Oct. 13, Qi Yoga Freshwater

This 10 week program will transform the way you live day to day into a sustainable lifestyle of vitality, joy and self empowerment, no matter how busy or full your life is.

On the surface it’s about committing to 10 weeks of designing healthier habits and truly actioning better eating, sleeping, self care, meditation and yoga practices.

But really it’s about clearing away anything that blocks your inner light from shining, and it supports you in becoming the most vibrant, healthy and powerful version of yourself. 

This program is for you if you’re ready to commit to yourself and feel your best — because deep down you know that only by caring for yourself can you show up in the world the way you want to.

This is for you if you desire life changes that last, and are sick of fads or quick fixes that never get to the source of what’s weighing you down and land you back where you started.

How you live your day is how you live your life. 

By the end of this program you’ll have a strategy and tools to:

  • Feel energised and deeply rested, tame your overwhelm, stress or anxiety and replace it with self love, confidence and nourishment.
  • Design and fall in love with daily yoga, mediation and self care practices perfect for your life, that you don’t feel like you “have to do” but actually start craving to do.
  • Use habit science guidelines to set yourself up for success and lasting change and start eating, moving, breathing, and using your brain better.
  • Understand your body, listen to what it’s telling you and know how to respond with a working knowledge of the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda become your own best healer and friend.

Most magical about this program is the safe and supportive group of like minded people that come together in an intimate setting to share the journey, hold each other accountable and forge true friendships. 

So, if committing to your self excites you (and maybe scares you a little bit), fill out this health objective form and lock in a FREE15 minute strategy session with me to discuss your next best move and claim your spot in the next Yoga Transformation Course (spaces limited).

Next Transformation Course Starts Aug. 11

Only offered twice a year with limited spaces, course books out quickly. 

Course Includes: 

  • 10 group coaching sessions (limited to 10 people) with Morgan tolearn new Yoga and Ayurveda practices each week, discuss healthy living topics, and plan actioning for the week ahead.
  • 1 hour individual coaching session with Morgan (value $120) and 30% discount on subsequent coaching during program.
  • Weekly ebook presenting yogi habits, philosophy, home practice, meditations and more.
  • Worksheets, charts and guided self inquiry practices that help you tailor the practices and principles to fit your life.
  • 3 weekly emails to inspire you and keep you on track.
  • Closed facebook page to stay connected to and inspired by your new yogi friends.
  • Guaranteed transformation!

When: Tuesdays at 11-12:30 or 6:30-8pm, Aug. 11 – Oct. 13

(I’m offering two course this cycle due to demand and to accommodate various schedules)

Where: Qi Yoga Freshwater, 2 Moore Rd, 2096

Investment: $695

What differentiates this from the 30 day program? 

  • You’re in it for the long haul, and for that reason profound change is inevitable.
  • Twice as long with twice as much material, you’ll end the program with an amazing amount of tools for living your most vibrant life, and because of the length you’ll be coached through more of the ups and down of working the knowledge into your life.
  • Group size is limited to 10, and a more intimate setting means you get more personal attention and space for discussion.
  • Individual coaching sessions are imbedded in the program to refine and individualise the material, which is what takes it to the next level of actually living the yoga lifestyle.
  • More focus on Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of India, as well as seasonal practices, and how to use them practically in you’re life.
  • Greater detailed information on how to read your body and learning how to self diagnose through the tongue, digestive system, sleep patterns and more.


“I so enjoyed the course Morgan, your guidance and the community of support we created. It was one of the highlights of the year for me and definitely helped provide support and structure to me on my journey back to health and vitality.

What I’m really grateful for is the significant shift in my awareness of my spirituality and connection to my spirit, self care and healthy eating habits. I found it so refreshing to come together with a group of like minded people and have a dedicated time and place to discuss some of the deeper issues of life!
At times I’ve been a bit of a junk food fiend, but now I genuinely want to eat healthily for me – and I so enjoy the healthy meals I make! I am more playful and creative with my new approach to food.
The other major take away for me was learning self care. I’ve often neglected this, not understanding it’s importance and making time for it – and now I crave it as a way of looking after and giving back to myself.
So thank you lovely Morgan for the transformation experience, facilitating the community of support and guiding me through the awesome ayurveda life tool box kit!” Cath Brown


“I’m not so hard on myself any more. I’m accepting myself more and during this course beautiful things started to happen to me and still are. And I am able to embrace them :). I started to see all the good things coming my way.” ~Maja Rodela

“I craved the Sunday sessions each week with Morgan and the group. The transformation programme really did feel like we were going through something together, something life shifting and at times quite deep. I thought Morgan did a really good job at allowing everyone to connect and share and delve into some serious emotions, at the same time keeping us all on track with the course work.” ~ Nicola Swankie

I’m happy to answer any of your questions, please send inquiries via the form below. Thanks!  

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