The Yoga Evolution

A 30 Day Yoga Lifestyle Program

Consciously Designing How We Live

Next Course: Aug. 9- Sept. 29

Sundays, 7-8:30pm Qi Yoga Freshwater

The 30 day Yoga Evolution is a guide to living your most vibrant life, even if you’re busy and stressed, by applying simple yoga principles to your every day life.

On the surface it’s about learning better habits and doing more yoga and meditation.

But really it’s about evolving into your greatest health, deepest joy, higher purpose and creating consistency so you can live vibrantly and be the person you really want to be.

This course is perfect for anyone wanting to kick start living a healthier life, whether a beginner to yoga or a long time yogi coming back to the practice or wanting more lifestyle guidance and inspiration.

By the end of the 30 day program you will: 

  • Learn to de-stress, sleep better and create daily, do-able practices that will make you feel energised, calm and positive. 
  • Establish a regular yoga and meditation practice that’s just perfect for your unique life and needs — and because of that, easy to stick to.
  • Know how to nourish your body with high energy food, support your digestion and care for and love yourself better than ever before.

Best of all, you no longer have to be alone on this journey. You’ll become part of a real yoga community and share the triumphs and tribulations with a group of people you’ll eventually call friends.

Grab your mat, a fresh note book and get ready to dive into a carefully thought out journey of creating a sustainable lifestyle that brings out your best.

Next Yoga Evolution Starts Sunday 9th August

Course Includes: 

  • 6 group coaching sessions with Morgan to help you plan the week ahead and discuss topics presented (Sunday’s 7pm at Qi Yoga Freshwater).
  • One month unlimited class pass at Qi Yoga Freshwater.
  • Weekly ebook presenting yogi habits, philosophy, home practices, meditations and more.
  • Worksheets, charts and guided self inquiry practices that help you tailor the practices and principles to fit into your life.
  • Daily emails to inspire you and keep you on track.
  • Closed facebook page to stay connected to the tribe of evolving yogis.

When: Sunday’s at 7pm,  Aug. 9 – Sept. 13

Where: Qi Yoga Freshwater, 2 Moore Rd, 2096

Investment: $295

This course books out quickly, secure your place. BOOK HERE


“I never would have believed the changes I experienced were possible! I was someone that always ate late, went to bed late, felt so tired every morning, snoozed my alarm as many times as possible and felt stressed all day with no energy…then I did the 30 day Evolution… Well, little by little , day by day then week by week, Morgan introduced me to a new way of life.

At first I would laugh to myself thinking, this is never going to work, I’d like it to, but it just won’t. But the evolution slowly but surely occurred! I now feel completely freed of my self doubt, I eat earlier and don’t feel as hungry, I am kinder to myself and go to bed earlier, I then wake up a little before my alarm goes off (which is also set earlier now), I meditate and do a perfect for me yoga practice. I have amazingly more energy and motivation to get my day and life in order. I am so much calmer and more grounded and I procrastinate so much less, more gets done and everyone is happier. I can see now why Morgan’s Evolution is called that.

I cannot thank Morgan enough for leading me down this path which I knew is where I wanted to go but didn’t have a clue on how to get there.” ~ Virginia Kemp 

“I participated in Morgan’s 30-Day Evolution course twice  last year. I think that we should all take the 30-Day Evolution course at least once a year because I learned something new each time, and it is such a great help on how to live a more balanced life.  I can honestly say that the 30-Day Evolution was the catalyst for major change in my life.   Morgan’s guiding hand and depth of knowledge has set me on a journey of “ahimsa” (kindness to myself) and personal growth that has far exceeded any expectations that I ever had of a 5-week course.” ~ Kathryn Churchman

“Prior to starting the 30 day evolution I would have a lot of negative self talk that really got me down, acknowledging this as limiting, harmful and also not how things have to be has been amazing…it’s still tricky practising ahimsa [nonviolence] but I’m really enjoying what I’ve gained thus far. I also LOVE my sankalpa – it makes me feel really empowered, safe and Happy, Healthy and Strong.” ~Jacqui Hammond

“For me so far this journey has been incredible and definitely a game changer…Now, whenever I feel my energy is down or blocked I do something to aid that. And the cool thing is, I actually notice this now! Before I may have just felt frustrated or tired but now I am starting to recognize it as energy and how it’s subtle changes in my body can effect my mood or concentration etc. These little routines then encourage and make it easier to do other things, like classes and prepare light dinners. All which keep this beautiful change happening.” ~ Kym Parrish

“Seriously, life changing. I’ve been going [to yoga classes] 5-6 days a week and am always excited to go to class, I feel so much more grounded when I am there, I feel so good for taking the time out of my day for myself and prioritising my health. I truly feel like yoga is going to become a much bigger part of my life from here on out! (A yoga studio has even crept into my visualisations of my future dream home/space —which was never there before)

So, for me, that has been the game changer! But believe me, that’s not all! I’ve committed to filling my fridge with more fresh fruit and veggies and preparing this stuff in advance for the week so that I don’t end up grabbing stuff on the go all the time. I really liked when you made it simple.

And then — the results! TWO different people in different social circles have approached me and told me that something about me ‘seemed so relaxed lately’ (which is CRAZY for me to hear) and that I was ‘glowing’ and asked what has changed. I wanted you to know how much I feel I have ‘evolved’ and how inspired I am to continue on this journey. Thank you so much.  Truly. ” ~Hanna Thorson

Develop daily yoga, mediation and healthy lifestyle habits

not just for 30 days, but for life!

I’m happy to answer any questions, simply fill out the form below.

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