The Grocery Stores Have Gone, What Now?!

Tomorrow I’ll be teaching a free class as part of the local Earth Hour celebration in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund and Manly Council. This year’s theme is “Planet to Plate” which is all about exploring how and what we eat impacts the health of our planet. I wrote this blog on the exact topic last year, and also on how food/earth consciousness impacts our health, not just physically but mentally and spiritually. I thought it only fitting to re-blog this post. Hope to see you all at the Earth Hour event tomorrow, or simply showing your solidarity by turning all lights off from 8-9pm. Enjoy a candle light dinner! xo Morgan

Yoga with Morgan Webert


What would you do if you woke up and all grocery stores were shut down, emptied out and there was no place to buy food? Would you know how to feed yourself?

I’d frantically run to all my friend’s who have veggie patches and beg for seeds and off shoots or be left to subsist on the herbs living in my kitchen window. I can only laugh at how long it might take me to catch a fish, and might try harvesting some wild edibles but worry about which one’s were safe.

Wow, this could be the most effective weight loss program ever!

But seriously, I’ve been fascinated this week thinking about how so few of us in the West actually know how to source food from nature. In other words, many of us don’t know how to feed ourselves.

We don’t know how to provide one of the basic…

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