Why Detoxing in Autumn is Wise


by Morgan Webert

When the sunny weather of Spring hits we all feel motivated to kick into cleanse mode, clear out the closet, clean up our diet and organize our schedule to soak up the sun. But, as the cooler weather and rains of Autumn approach, the urge to hunker down and hibernate might trigger us into unhealthy habits that weaken our immune system and make us susceptible to seasonal sickness, lethargy and weight gain.

Taking advantage of Autumn as a time to cleanse the body and embrace a healthy eating plan can give us a foot up on the colder months ahead. If we enter the cool season with cravings for hearty veggie stews and spiced chai instead of pies and a cup of coffee, we set ourselves up to be nourished by the slowing down of the season rather than weighed down.

Five Reasons Yogis Detox in Autumn: 

  1. Boost our immune system to better defend against winter’s cold and flu bugs. Flushing our system of accumulated waste now means the body will have more energy reserves and be that much more resilient to fight off any seasonal sickness that floats in on the cold winds.
  2. Prep our palate to crave healthy food so we don’t over-eat or eat poorly through the chilly season. Detoxing makes our taste buds more sensitive and naturally wanting foods that heal and support us, which makes it easier to pass up the stuff that bogs us down. Imagine coming into Spring already feeling clear, vibrant and with fewer winter kilos to shed.
  3. Get the full rejuvenation benefits of Autumn and Winter by consciously slowing down… and feeling good about it! When we resist the natural urge to slow down at the end of summer we’re fighting an up hill battle that ultimately causes mental and physical burn out as well as stress to the adrenal and nervous system. When we slow our busy lives for a few months, as nature intends, the body rejuvenates and our energy levels for the rest of the year increase.
  4. Tap into our deep source of natural energy to be more efficient and productive. When we cleanse and nourish our body the brain functions better. As the days get shorter we want to use our time as best we can, which means staying focused and thinking clearly. Productive days also mean we feel ready to rest and rejuvenate earlier in the evening in sync with the setting sun.
  5. Balance our mind and emotions. Autumn is governed by the element air, marked by change, instability and anxiety. By reducing aggravating foods and stimulus we can move through this time of transition and back to school business in a more grounded and centered way.
  6. Stoke our digestive fire. Even though we’re slowing down doesn’t mean our metabolism has to. Detoxing is a way to improve our digestive function, better absorb nutrients and reduce bloating and constipation. As we go into a season with heavier foods digestive fire matters even more.
  7. Reduce mucus in our body. When we detox we eliminate mucus building foods like milk, cheese, sugar and wheat. Membranes heavy with mucus are prime breading ground for bacteria we want to avoid to stay healthy and breath easily.
  8. Keep our nasal passages clear and breath with ease. In addition to reducing mucus creation we also practice traditional purification practices like neti pot to cleans the sinuses and breath better. Breath brings in Prana lifeforce, and it the channels are blocked so too is the flow of life force.
  9. Keep a warm and healthy glow even when the skies go gray. Sweating and moving the body is an important part of detox and leaves the skin radiant and glowing and eyes shinning.
  10. Live in sync with the seasons and mother nature. The Yogic and Ayurvedic systems recommend purifying the body with each change of season as a way to align ourselves with the rhythms of nature. It’s simple, when we act in alignment with nature life is easier and we feel healthier.

Share with us one of your favorite healthy recipes for colder weather in the comments below!

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