The Breath of Circulation, Vyana Vayu

by Morgan Webert

In our journey through the five forms of energy, the Prana Vayus, we’ve explored the inward and outward flows of energy (prana and apana), the movement of digestion and assimilation (samana), and then the upward manifestation and voicing of our transformation (udana).

Like most things which flow, energy is cyclical in nature, bringing us to the fifth and final movement of energy, the Vyana vayu, the movement of circulation emanating from our heart center.

Distributing our energy

Just like the great organ of our heart, vyana vayu diffuses throughout the images-1body energy derived from all we consume (food, breath, information, environment). This circulatory process increases communication within the body, coordinating and integrating the other four prana vayus and maintaining balance between them.

This vayu governs all of the body’s circulatory channels such as blood vessels, lymph, nerves and nadis (energy channels).  It is the force that carries sweat from the glands to the skin as well as stimulates autonomic movements such as yawning and blinking.

Vyana also controls the muscular system and movements from the core to the periphery. We feel the energy of vyana strongly in our limbs with the quality of expansiveness and outward radiation.

On a mental-emotional level vyana expresses itself as attention to charity and personal freedom, influencing us to circulate goodwill within our community and reminding us to think and move freely. When its out of balance there is dryness in the skin, poor circulation and a sense of feeling disjointed in thoughts and efforts.

Feeling expansive

An excellent and easy practice to get the whole body vibrating with a sense of expansion is a short lymph clearing exercise that comes from Qi Gong.

Simply stand with your feet hip width apart, bend the knees and start bouncing the whole body up and down with little short movements. Bring your arms up in front of you with the elbows slightly bent, hands floppy and let the bouncing jostle and soften your shoulders, arms, neck and whole body. Every time your knees bend exhale and make a “cha” sound.

Yes, this will most likely crack you up the first time you try, I for one burst out laughing! The trick is to keep it going non-stop for 3-5 minutes and the effect is amazing. When you stop, close your eyes and FEEL the whole body pulsing with energy and all the circulatory channels stimulated.

Sun salutation stimulationUnknown

Sun salutations remain one of the greatest ways to increase your circulation of blood, lymph, breath and neurological impulses.

Try and start everyday (before you eat) with ten minutes of your favorite sun salutation to open up your pranic channels and get your circulation going.  It will set you up to feel energized, free thinking and moving fluidly for the whole day.

Tell us how the practice felt for you? Or your favorite thing to do to feel expansive and get everything flowing in your body?

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