joyous hatha yoga foundations course

My heart welled with joy this morning as I looked around and saw a room full of students in beautifully aligned poses, steady focused gazing and deep even breathing.  Today marked the last class of my four week Yoga Foundations course with a practice that tied together the techniques we’ve focused on over the past month.  I am proud of and amazed by how much these students have learned in four short weeks (well done guys!).  I felt inspired by the level of self-awareness, stillness and focus in each and every one of them, a testament to their effort and growth and what its all about.  As one student said to me at the end of class “I fee like I’ve found Yoga and myself again.”

But today was not an end, rather a beginning, and the second half of the Yoga Foundations course starts next Monday.  Over the next five week we will focus on techniques and safety regarding twists, backbends and inversions like shoulder-stand (Sarvangasana) and headstand (Sirsasana) as well as explore the bandhas and deepening forward folds.  Anybody is welcome to attend the second part of the course, simply sign up online.

If you missed any classes from the first course or plan to join the second course I’ve included the material from the first half in this blog.  Week one focused on Suryanamaskar and Following the Ujjayi Breath.  Week two focused on Standing Poses and Grounding Through the FeetWeek three focused on Balancing Postures and Drishti Gazing.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you over the next five weeks in the Foundations course or Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings to share in this beautiful and endless exploration of Yoga and ourselves.  Any inquiries or concerns can be sent to me via the contact page of

Hari Om and Shanti Shanti Shanti!

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